Visit at Sudha Dairy

The class IX students of The Tribhuvan School, Patna, visited the Sudha Dairy plant at Phulwari on July 20, 2016. The students were shown a video, portraying the machineries and the processes made use of in the manufacturing of the varied products of the Dairy, along with the history of the same.

          The students handed over the thanksgiving card to Mr. Sudhir Kumar Singh, Managing Director, Sudha Dairy, and expressed their gratitude for giving them such an opportunity. Several of the queries of the students pertinent to Biology and Economics streams were answered by Mr. I P Dutta, Marketing Manager, Sudha Dairy.

          The students of the school were enthused to visit the plant as they found it too very interesting and informative. They were left with an anticipation of having another such opportunity in the days to come.