“Sport is friendship, Sport is health Sport is education, Sport is life. Sport brings the whole world together.” .

It was a display of teamwork, discipline and co-ordination as students of The Tribuvan School raced and competed at various athletics events and displayed drills during their Annual Sports Meet-2017 “SKYLARK” - Celebration of Excellence in Sports, at its campus on 16th Dec 2017. On this cold and misty day, the staff and students of TTS, warmed up to an exciting and competitive day with the welcoming of the Chief Guest, Mr. Sanjay Kumar, DSO, Patna District, Guest of Honour, Mr. M. M Sharma, an international swimmmer and the other dignitaries with bouquets and memento. Next the Chief Guest lit the torch to commemorate the event. The flame was then passed to the Sports Captain. .

In her address, Principal Mrs. Mahua Das Gupta welcomed the Chief Guest, Guest of honour, the other dignitaries and the parents who graced the occasion with their presence and highlighted that in brief 4 years of its existence The Tribhuvan School has established itself as a premier institution of learning and events like these help in building the team spirit and the sportsmanship of the students. She also emphasised the the school follows a cohesive approach alongwith thematic teaching to keep abreast with the global world of tomorrow. She wished that many P. T. Ushas and Dhyanchands come out of TTS to represent India in the Olympics. After the welcome speech the dance fusion of semi classical and western dance drew a spontaneous applause from the audience. This was entailed by the declaration of the Meet open by the Chief Guest and the Principal, thereafter releasing the balloons to mark the expression of joy and rejoice..

The students displayed wide array of colourful and reverberant events. They mesmerized the audience with their energetic performances. The air was buzzing with excitement and there were loud cheers in the air for the TTS Athletes. The Umbrella Drill, The Hoola Hoop Drill, Martial Arts and Gymnastic Formation were delightful displays. Children were applauded for their meticulous movement in these presentations. Taekwondo performance was a visual treat. Various track and field events like 50 M race, 100 M race, Relay race, Sack race, Three legged race, Spoon and Lemon race, Dressing up the Joker etc. were lined up for students from Std 2 to Std 5 ensuring competitive enjoyment for all. It was great fun to see the boys and the girls running with all their strength..

The Chief Guest in his address lauded the sports day events and stated that the students displayed wonderful drills. He advised the students to excel in sports on par with academic..

At the end there was the Prize Distribution Ceremony, where the Chief Guest gave away medals and certificates to the sports event winners. The students who bagged the medals included Abhinay Anand, Prakshit and Ansh Raj from Std II, Nivedita Choudhary, Anushka Singh and Smiriti Vani from Std III, Aditya Anand, Abhishek Anand, Saurya Srivastava from Std IV, and from Std V Aryan Kishore, Amrit Raj, Krishna Singh..

The programme concluded with the vote of thanks which was extended by Ms. Shweta Sinha, Junior Wing Coordinator. She thanked everyone who contributed their services either directly or indirectly for the grand success of the mega event and the National Anthem, brought the Curtain down on a successful event. The Meet saw its culmination with the National Anthem. The event filled in hearts of everyone with the spirit of sportsmanship and unity..